Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can I get a pass?

So lately I have been contemplating on idea of checking out of my life with the option to return. You know--- like summer camp for adults. What do think? Could we start a committee to figure this out? The old me would want to chair it :)

How do you do that? Sell such an idea to your something-like-a-husband? Tell me... I am a salesperson and I think even that might require an expert's advice.

I just learned that a bike shop will go into the Encore space. I have to admit, I had an allergic
reaction to it but am letting go... this is me letting go. This is me breathing (taking yoga across from this new bike shop). Must move on. Move Up. Move out. I just decided today that if I were a musician (I do love the music but have you heard me sing) this might be the title of my new album. Yes, I know... get a job already!

xoxo- lady formerly known as ShopGal