Thursday, December 4, 2008

To Everything There is a Season. . .

Six years ago this week I made a decision to buy this business from Carolee and Ken
Bondurant. The day I announced my decision there was snow on the ground and holiday
decorations adorned what was to be my new store. At that point, this was the hardest and biggest decision that I had ever made.

Now, exactly six years later I find myself announcing another very hard, emotional decision...
I have decided that it is time I pass along this wonderful gift... Encore Artful Gifts is officially for Sale. I have had almost six amazing years... now it is time to move on. A dear friend and customer commented on my decision by saying that in life we all go through seasons and I am embarking on a new season. As winter comes, I need your help finding someone that is ready to embark on their own journey into small business. I will discuss details of the sale with interested buyers. I am, luckily, willing to help finance a part of the business if necessary.

I am sorry you are not all hearing this from me in person but I wanted you to know from me before you read it in the paper.

I will cherish my six wonderful years that I have had with you. . . more than you know.

Much love and many memories,

*Please come and celebrate with us next Thursday as we will cheers to all of the memories and what the future has to bring*

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