Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So much time, so little to do!

Hello everyone,
It has been almost one month since I closed the doors in Encore. Up until last week I had not set foot downtown (yeah, denial, it's a fun place to live). So here is how I have been spending my time...

Week One- Cleaning out Store, Teaching, Sulking, Not Doing Taxes
Week Two- Looking for Job, Teaching, Baking, Sulking, Not Doing Taxes
Week Three- Looking for a Job, Teaching , Baking, Exercising and Occasional Lunch or Coffee with Friend (thanks, btw), Sulking and Not Doing Taxes
Week Four- Died my hair Chocolate Cherry, Exercise, Looking for Job, Baking and NO MORE SULKING but Still No Taxes... Why do this week what you can put off til next

After a weekend away, I have a new attitude. This change has been hard and I must admit that I am having a little bit of an identity crisis but SULKING does not help. For the past 10 years my life has been jam packed with so much to do so I need to learn to enjoy free time because really, how often do you get it as an adult? Plus... I still have taxes.

Miss you more than you know. XXOO Shopgirl
PS- Email me at staceydeniseprice@gmail.com
PPSS- Since cooking and baking are my therapy I have tons of new recipes at www.chaosandchicken.blogspot.com

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