Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great Gifts for Grads!

It's that time again! We are sad to be losing a longtime member of our Encore Family,

Katie Kestle

She has been a great employee, supply manager, life saver and friend. Katie... you will be missed!

Also a special thanks and good-bye to Amanda Stansbury our Spring Intern!

When we aren't sobbing we are discussing the best graduation gifts to give and get!

Check out Katie and Amanda's Top 10

10. A photo album- Graduates want to keep there memories close by. Can't go wrong
with photo albums or boxes.

9. Stationary- Graduates have lots of thank yous to give as well as people to keep up with. Don't think that just because we are the duigital generation that we won't use paper and pen. Shop from the fun styles at Encore or GET US PERSONALIZED NOTECARDS!!!!

8. Nice Writing Pen- Again, to go along with the PERSONALIZED NOTECARDS

7. Fun Home Decor- We are leaving our college apartments and are ready for things that match... big girl decor to go along with big girl jobs!

6. Picture Frames- Again, big girl decor and memories close by... nice frames solve two of our needs

5. Serenity Angels- These are great keepsakes and also are inspiring!

4. New Tokoyo Bay Watch- We need to be ontime to our big girl job and look good while we do it. Check out our new styles by Tokyo Bay!!!
3. Something RU (or whatever school your gift recepient went to)- Check out the pictures of Muse Fountain or the Fused Glass in the store. Both are great!

2. Jewelry- This is something we can wear on graduation day, to our new job and hang onto for a while. Choose something unique and timeless. We are sure to think of you each time we wear it.

1. Money- The gift that always fits... We could use it to buy our graduation dress we have on hold at Encore :)

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