Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Jewerly In!

You've Seen it in your J Jill catalog but now we have it here!

Born in England, jewelry designer Ian Gibson has spent many years traveling the world absorbing various cultural influences.
Schooled in geology and petrology, his love of rocks and fossils was transformed into a love of metals while apprenticing
with silversmiths in Thailand. After several initial experiments a line of handcrafted sterling jewelry was born.
The individual pendants and beads are formed from raw materials by hand. Casting processes are not used. The line
incorporates elements of sterling silver, semi precious stones, pearl and shell. Ian and his wife Jessica are the backbone
of the company. The finished work is produced in their studio in Philadelphia. Aided by a talented staff of local Philadelphia artisans
they strive daily in their quest to produce unique designs matched with an utmost attention to detail. J & I is sold in galleries, fine boutiques
and museum gift shops nationally and internationally.... and now at Encore!

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