Friday, June 20, 2008

New Gifts.. New Clothes.. New Yarn.. New Space!

I recall an argument that my parents had as a child... My mom was always rearranging and my dad HATED it. It was her release. In this one argument it was dark and he tripped over something that she had moved... He said "Darnit Margaret... Quit changing things around." She quickly rebutted... "I need change... better our house than you!"

So for your and Scott's sake when
I need change we rearrange the store... Come in and check out the changes!

New Wedding Section. . . All Clothing Moved Upstairs. . . New Kids Area Downstairs

Lots of Stationary. . . Invitations. . . and Yarn to Inspire!!!!!

Frames, Candles and Clothing to Oh My!

Lots of Summer and Outdoor Merchandise for Entertaining!

*** Coming Soon--- Paper Craft Area downstairs! ***
Stop in today to see all of our changes :)