Friday, June 20, 2008

We need your Feedback!

I am heading to show July 12 for Gift and Home Decor and then to NY August 2 for Apparel
and I want to make sure I am shopping for YOU, my loyal customer. To do this, I need your
feedback. I hate to ask for your time but if you complete our short nine question survey you
will receive 25% off your next purchase. *** To receive your coupon, you must fill out contact name and email. *** I will not see results individually but as a lump and I will receive a list of who filled it out! Once I see you participated (Thank You Again!) I will email you a 25% off voucher.
Thank you again for helping us help you...
Also, if you experience glitches with this Free Survey System please email me at I have NEVER used this before and want to know.
Also, speaking of us helping you... did you know we would:
1- Mail packages and UPS for you
2- Keep your wishes and wants on a Wish List
3- Keep your credit card on file
4- Deliver locally
5- Give you discounts if you are a loyal yarn or coffee customer
(ask about our frequent buyers card
Thanks again for your help, your continued support and also your loyalty to
my small, but very cool business! Without you we are nothing!

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