Friday, August 1, 2008

Dadadada... you say it's your BIRTHDAY!!!???

You know we are the queen of gifts and boy do we have a SURPRISE for you...

Now, during your BIRTHDAY MONTH you can receive

We are gathering birthdays to send out postcards so email us your birthday month to If you forgot and your postcard or have not gotten on the list, yet, just
show us your ID and we gift you into our new BIRTHDAY PROGRAM.

Other promotion programs at Encore Artful Gifts:
Coffee Club- Buy 10 lbs, Get 1 Free (we keep card)
Knit Wit Card- Buy 10 Skeins of Yarn, Get 1 Free (we keep card)
Shop Local Discount- Show us a receipt from another Main Street Business
(from the same day) and receive 10% off purchase

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