Saturday, August 9, 2008

New York, New York!

What a productive show! (Anyone willing to take out a second mortgage for what we bought? J/K... well, not really! We found amazing things... and had a great time.

view from hotel room. City, we miss you!

As some of you know, I took my dear friend Esra with me and she was loving modeling the goods :)

Esra in flirty scarf from Tailoi

The two things trend wise we see are SCARVES and DENIM LEGGINGS!
. . . and, yes, we bought both!

from Level 99, great with all of our great tunics, sweater dresses and boots!

lots of colors and textures... we are so in love with a scarf!

Also purchased were lots of easy, comfortable tunics and sweater dresses. This, ordered in
black was a favorite of ours. . .

Esra holding up our favorite Ginger G Tunic-- Already shipping and will retail at $35.99

Great Jewelry, too! Loved this etched design by
Pieces of a Girl. Great Gift!
Also theses enamel bracelets were my favorite!

Cynthia N. Designs, $60, Shipping November 1

Piece of a Girl, $120, Ships October

Great New Stuff from Tulle. . . 1st shipment here in a week!!!!

Tulle Sweater Dress in Teal, $65.99

We ate at amazing restaurants including Buddakan and Gramercy Tavern.

Had an Amazing Filet at Buddakon, above, where I also went with Sister-in-Law in January. Both times proved amazing!

Also, did a stop by Sex and the City made celebrity hangout Caprelis
We saw a rapper (could not identify... Scott was so mad) and sat and eavesdropped
on writer of Belle in the Big Apple (on shelves in September) and apparently from
what I overheard Showtime may pick up the series :) You heard the scoop from me.

About a southern gal who moves to city . . . with culinary adventures. Her blog was entertaining so now that I have dined beside her I will buy it :)

Also, did I mention we bought bags and belts galore??? Party Dresses for parties and Homecoming??? So many great things, so little blog space. . .

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