Thursday, February 19, 2009

An emotional thought. . . two more days!

Since about a week after my announcement I have been in "Operation Close Down" mode and have felt pretty good about things. Customers come in with heavy hair as I call it (head tilted, super sad look) to see if I am "Ok"... I have been able, until today, to remain very logical. As I wrote my last Shop Girl Speaks email I was sad. I cannot believe that was my last email to you as store owner. I will no longer be a business owner in two days. Wow...

Over the next two days I am offering 90% (yes, you read it correctly) off of EVERYTHING. Please, Please come take stuff off my hands so I do not have to haul it off on Monday--- I mean, basically I am almost paying you... and believe it or not, we still have good stuff left.

Two furniture pieces that are almost FREE to a good home:
Ball Foot Cherry Table- $75
White Pine Victorian Mantle- $100

I am not saying good bye... hopefully I will see you very soon.

Until then, lots of love and luck in shopping.
Always your shop girl,

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