Thursday, February 12, 2009

MORE markdowns!!!!!

We have a little over a week left (I know, sad, right? ) and to the theme of "Everything Must Go" I have marked everything down once more...

Merchandise, Furniture and Fixtures 75%
Seasonal 90%

CRAZY- Huh???? So, the Victorian Mantle in the window and Pump Organ are now (Originally $500),The $125Mahogany Clawfoot Table is $150, the 19 Century Wormy Hutch is now $250!!!!!

We still have lots of FREE PAINT and items in crates labeled FREE TO GOOD HOME!

Plus, the GIRL SCOUTS are going to be in on Saturday selling COOOKIEEEES!!!! Please! Please! save me from buying the entire case of THIN MINTS.

See you soon!

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