Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Encore will celebrate it's 19th birthday this October. Can you believe it?

I can hardly beleive that I have owned the business for almost 6 years!

We will celebrate October 16-19th by offering 19% off!

Also, a special happy birthday month to:
Polly Archer
Pam Clark
Mary Donnley
Rosa Anne Gilreath
Emily Goldberg
Janey Hazelton
Shirly Huffman
Katie Kestle
Linda P King
Paige Phillips
Nancy Rader
Beth Tanner
Olivia Walker
.... and Me, Stacey :)

All of these October babies get 15% off during their birthday month. If you have not emailed us your birthday pleasedo so you can receive 15% off your special month!
Send your birthday month to: we will be waiting!

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